Vision Science, Photons to Phenomenology
Stephen E. Palmer, 1999

Brief Contents
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This Table of Contents lists a heading for nearly ever other paragraph in the book. It is 8 pages of small print.

The science of vision has changed profoundly over the last 25 years. The change began in the 1970s. Perceptual psychologists, psychophysicists, computer scientists, neurophysiologists, and neuropsychologists who study vision started talking and listening to each other because they begain to recognize that they were working on the same problem from different perspectives. Vision science as a branch of cognitive science began at about that time.

Part I Foundations

Chapter 1. An Introduction to Visual Science

Chapter 2. Theoretical Approaches to Vision

Chapter 3. Color Vision: A Microcosm of Vision Science

Part II Spatial Vision

Chapter 4. Processing Image Structure

Chapter 5. Perceiving Surfaces Oriented in Depth

Chapter 6. Organizing Objects and Scenes

Chapter 7. Perceiving Object Properties and Parts

Chapter 8. Representing Shape and Structure

Chapter 9. Perceiving Function and Category

Part III Visual Dynamics

Chapter 10. Perceiving Motion and Events

Chapter 11. Visual Selection: Eye Movements and Attention

Chapter 12. Visual Memory and Imagery

Chapter 13. Visual Awareness

Appendix A: Psychophysical Methods

Appendix B: Connectionist Modeling

Appendix C: Color Technology

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