Vision Science, Photons to Phenomenology
Stephen E. Palmer, 1999

Psychology But Not Neurology
This large book appears to contain a quite complete presentation of the psychological aspects of vision as understood in the 1990s. I think we may assume that those aspects of vision are fairly well understood and this side of the story of vision is very well covered here.

What is not well represented here is the neurological side of the story. There is a 20-page section which covers the retina in some detail and has several pages on maps in the cortex. Only one paragraph mentions the midbrain centers through which the optic pathway passes. Under "Eye Movements", we find a figure and a brief discussion of the brain areas involved with saccadic control. A later section on attention has a few paragraphs of text and a beautiful see-through 3D figure showing the relationship of the visual cortex to the midbrain regions involved with attention. Also, there are a couple of cutaway sections showing the location of the corpus callosum.

This is compared to Ehret and Romand's entire volume of neural detail on the auditory system.

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