The Speech Chain, The Physics and Biology of Spoken Language
Peter B. Denes, Elliot N. Pinson, 1963

Chapter 1. The Speech Chain

Chapter 2. Linguistic Organization

Chapter 3. The Physics of Sound


Properties of Vibrating Systems

Free and Forced Vibrations

Resonance and Frequency Response

Sound Waves in Air

The Frequency and Velocity of a Sound Wave

The Spectrum

Sound Pressure and Intensity

The Decibel Scale

Acoustical Resonance

Chapter 4. Speech Production

A Brief Description of Speech Production

The Vocal Organs

The Articulation of English Speech Sounds

The Acoustics of Speech Production

Chapter 5. Hearing

The Hearing Organs

The Perception of Sound

Hearing Acuity

Physical versus Subjective Qualities

Loudness Level and Intensity

A Numerical Scale of Loudness

Pitch and Frequency

A Numerical Pitch Scale

The Pitch of Complex Sounds

Differential Thresholds

Masking Effects

Binaural Effects

Chapter 6. Nerves, Brain and the Speech Chain

Neurons -- The Basic Building Blocks

Signals in the Nervous System

Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems

From Thought to Speech

Hearing and the Nervous System

Theories of Hearing

Chapter 7. The Acoustic Characteristics of Speech

The Intensity Level of Speech

The Spectrum of Speech

Chapter 8. Speech Recognition

The Measurement of Speech Intelligibility

Tests with Artificially Produced Speech

Tests with Naturally Produced Speech

Essential Ingredients for Recognition

Chapter 9. A Look Toward the Future

Speaker Identification

Speech Recognition

Speech Synthesis

Bandwidth Compression Systems

Advances in Neurophysiology

The Path of Scientific Research

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