Ten Problems of Consciousness
Michael Tye, 1999


1. The Ten Problems

Phenomenal Consciousness Introduced
Tye's list of phenomimally conscious experiences would include perceptual experiences, bodily sensations, felt reactions, passions, emotions, etc, felt moods, happy, depressed, calm, etc. Desires and beliefs themselves are not conscious experiences, but are usually accompanied by sensations or feelings, which are. Similarly, memories themselves are not.

The Problem of Ownership

The Problem of Perspectival Subjectivity

The Problem of Mechansim

The Problem of Phenomenal Causation

The Problem of Super Blindsight

The Problem of Duplicates

The Problem of the Inverted Spectrum

The Problem of Transparency

The Problem of Felt Location and Phenomenal Vocabulary

The Problem of the Alien Limb

2. Why the Problems Run So Deep

Must the Physical be Objective?

Perspectival Subjectivity and the Explanatory Gap

Physicalism and Phenomenal Causation

On the Denial of Perspectival Subjectivity

The Paradox of Phenomenal Consciousness

The Available Strategies

The Way Ahead

3. Can Anyone Else Feel My Pain?

The Repudiation of Phenomenal Objects

Publicizing the Phenomenal: Split Brains

Phenomenal Objects as Events

A Closer Look at Events

4. The Intentionality of Feelings and Experiences

Intentional States and Intentional Content

How Perceptual Sensations Represent


The Problem of Ownership Revisited


Other Bodily Sensations

The Format of Sensory Representations

Background Feelings



5. What What it's Like is Really Like

Why Be an Intentionalist?

Phenomenal Content: The PANIC Theory

Colors and Other "Secondary Qualities"

Can Duplicate Brains Differ Phenomenally?

Some Putative Counterexamples

6. The Tale of Mary and Mechanism: A Theory of Perspectival Subjectivity

The Real Nature of the Phenomenal

Perspectival Subjectivity and the Paradox

Mary's Room

Some of Mary's Philosophical Relatives

The Explanatory Gap

7. Can You Really Imagine What You Think You Can?

The Status of the PANIC Theory

Imaginability and Perception: A Parallel

Troublesome Possibilities

Zombie Replicas and Other Duplicates

Inverted Experiences

Inverted Earth

Appendix Blindsight

Three Sorts of Visual Agnosia

An Empirical Proposal

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