The Minimalist Program
Noam Chomsky, 1995

This book is based in large part on regular lecture-seminars at MIT from 1986 through 1994. The work is motivated by two related questions: (1) what are the general conditions that the human language faculty should be expected to satisfy? and (2) to what extent is the language faculty determined by these conditions?

How can language arise in the brain? This question has sometimes been posed as a crisis for cognitive science. But it is primarily a problem for biology and brain sciences in that the brain, as currently understood, does not provide any basis for what appear to be fairly well established conclusions about language.

Chapter 1. The Theory of Principles and Parameters, with Howard Lasnik

Chapter 2. Some Notes on Economy of Derivation and Representation

Chapter 3. A Minimalist Program for Linguistic Theory

Chapter 4. Categories and Transformations

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