Speech Synthesis
James L. Flanagan, Lawrence R. Rabiner (eds), 1973


I. History and Fundamentals of Speech Synthesis

Chapter 1. Voices of Men and Machines
J. L. Flanagan

Chapter 2. The Carrier Nature of Speech
H. Dudley

Chapter 3. Fundamentals of Speech Synthesis
H. Dudley

Chapter 4. The Interconversion of Audible and Visible Patterns as a Basis for Research in the Perception of Speech
F. S. Cooper, A. M. Liberman and J. M. Borst

Chapter 5. Some Experiments on the Perception of Synthetic Speech Sounds
F. S. Cooper, P. C. Delattre, A. M. Liberman, J. M. Borst, and L. J. Gerstman

Chapter 6. The Acoustics of Speech
G. Fant

II. Simulation and Modeling of the Vocal System

Chapter 7. The Calculation of Vowel Resonances, and an Electrical Vocal Tract
H. K. Dunn

Chapter 8. An Electrical Analog of the Vocal Tract
K. N. Stevens, S. Kasowski, and C. G. M. Fant

Chapter 9. Development of a Quantitative Description of Vowel Articulation
K. N. Stevens and A. S. House

Chapter 10. Speech Synthesis
J. L. Kelly, Jr. and C. C. Lochbaum

Chapter 11. Calculation of the Vocal Tract Transfer Function for Speech Synthesis Applications
P. Mermelstein

Chapter 12. Speech Synthesis with a Parametric Articulatory Model
C. H. Coker

Chapter 13. Self-Oscillating Source for Vocal-Tract Synthesizers
J. L. Flanagan and L. L. Landgraf

Chapter 14. Synthesis of Voiced Speech from a Two-Mass Model of the Vocal Cords
K. Ishizaka and J. L. Flanagan

III. Terminal Analog Synthesis of Speech

Chapter 15. An Electrical Analog of the Vocal Organs
J. Q. Steward

Chapter 16. A Synthetic Speaker
H. Dudley, R. R. Riesz, and S. S. A. Watkins

Chapter 17. On the Predictability of Formant Levels and Spectrum Envelope from Formant Frequencies
C. G. M. Fant

Chapter 18. Note on the Design of 'Terminal-Analog' Speech Synthesizers
J. L. Flanagan

Chapter 19. The Synthesis of Speech from Signals Which Have a Low Information Rate
W. Lawrence

Chapter 20. Digital Computer Simulation of a Formant-Vocoder Speech Synthesizer
J. L. Flanagan, C. H. Coker, and C. M. Bird

Chapter 21. Digital-Formant Synthesizer for Speech-Synthesis Studies
L. R. Rabiner

Chapter 22. A Hardware Realization of a Digital Formant Speech Synthesizer
L. R. Rabiner, L. B. Jackson, R. W. Schafer, and C. H. Coker

IV. Predictive Coding of Speech

Chapter 23. Speech Analysis and Synthesis by Linear Prediction of the Speech Wave
B. S. Atal and S. L. Hanauer

Chapter 24. Analysis Synthesis Telephony Based on the Maximum Likelihood Method
F. Itakura and S. Saito

Chapter 25. A Statistical Method for Estimation of Speech Spectral Density and Formant Frequencies
F. Itakura and S. Saito

Chapter 26. On the Optimum Quantization of Feature Parameters in the PARCOR Speech Synthesizer
F. Itakura and S. Saito

Chapter 27. Digital Inverse Filtering -- A New Tool for Formant Frequency Estimation
J. D. Markel

V. Speech Synthesis by Rule

Chapter 28. A Study of the Building Blocks in Speech
C. M. Harris

Chapter 29. Segmentation Techniques in Speech Synthesis
G. E. Peterson, W. S.-Y. Wang, and E. Silvertsen

Chapter 30. Minimal Rules for Synthesizing Speech
A. M. Liberman, F. Ingemann, L. Lisker, P. Delattre, and F. S. Cooper

Chapter 31. Speech Synthesis from Stored Data
S. E. Estes, H. R. Kerby, H. D. Maxey, and R. M. Walker

Chapter 32. Speech Synthesis by Rule
J. N. Holmes, I. G. Mattingly, and J. N. Shearme

Chapter 33. Speech Synthesis by Rule: An Acoustic Domain Approach
L. R. Rabiner

Chapter 34. A Model for Synthesizing Speech by Rule
L. R. Rabiner

Chapter 35. Synthesis by Rule from Articulatory Parameters
C. H. Coker

Chapter 36. Automatic Synthesis from Ordinary English Text
C. H. Coker, N. Umeda, and C. P. Browman

Chapter 37. Use of a Pronouncing Dictionary in Speech Synthesis Experiments
R. Teranishi and N. Umeda

Chapter 38. Speech Synthesis from Unrestricted Text
J. Allen

VI. Computer Voice Response

Chapter 39. Synthetic Voices for Computers
J. L. Flanagan, C. H. Coker, L. R. Rabiner, R. W. Schafer, and N. Umeda

Chapter 40. Computer-Controlled Message Synthesis
R. D. Trupp

Chapter 41. A Method of Speech Synthesis for Multiplexed Audio Response
K. Nakata and T. Miura

Chapter 42. Techniques for Computer Voice Response
W. D. Chapman

Chapter 43. A Terminal Analog Speech Synthesizer in a Small Computer
Y. Kato, K. Ochiai, and T. Araseki

Chapter 44. A Method of Reading Out Information from a Computer in the Form of Speech
V. G. Velichko and V. I. Kulya

Chapter 45. Computer Synthesis of Speech by Concatenation of Formant-Coded Words
L. R. Rabiner, R. W. Schafer, and J. L. Flanagan

Chapter 46. Wiring Telephone Apparatus from Computer-Generated Speech
J. L. Flanagan, L. R. Rabiner, R. W. Schafer, and J. D. Denman

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