Speech Sounds and Features
Gunnar Fant, 1973

The series, Current Studies in Linguistics, offers book-length studies in linguistics and related fields, with editorial goals the same as those of its companion journal, Linguistic Inquiry.

This book brings together a number of papers written by Dr. Fant from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. The idea was to cover only briefly the general acoustic theory of speech, but to cover in greater detail several interesting aspects of that theory dealing specifically with the "inherent" acoustic and phonetic characteristics of vowels and consonants. No material is presented on the prosodic structure of speech.

Part I. Speech Analysis
The papers in this part of the book deal specifically with the acoustic and phonetic nature of vowels and consonants.

Chapter 1. The Acoustics of Speech

Chapter 2. Descriptive Analysis of the Acoustics of Speech

Chapter 3. Acoustic Description and Classification of Phonetic Units

Chapter 4. A Note on Vocal Tract Size Factors and Nonuniform F-Pattern

Chapter 5. Formant Frequencies of Swedish Vowels

Chapter 6. Consonant Confusions in English and Swedish

Chapter 7. Stops in CV-Syllables

Part II. Features: Theory and Systems
The papers in this part of the book represent a collection of Dr. Fant's ideas and opinions on the nature of distinctive features.

Chapter 8. Structural Classification of Swedish Phonemes

Chapter 9. The Nature of Distinctive Features

Chapter 10. Sound, Features, and Perception

Chapter 11. Distinctive Features and Phonetic Dimensions

Chapter 12. Notes on the Swedish Vowel System

Chapter 13. Automatic Recognition and Speech Research

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