Structure and Process in Speech Perception
A. Cohen, S. G. Nooteboom (eds), 1975

These papers are the proceedings of a Symposium on Dynamic Aspects of Speech Perception, held at I.P.O. in Eindhoven, Netherlands, August 1975. The symposium was held as a meeting place for those working in the perception of connected speech. The emphasis was to be on the exchange of ideas on the topic, rather than the presentation of experimental results.

Chapter 1. Theoretical Issues in Speech Perception Research

Understanding Speech Understanding
M. P. Haggard (Keynote Address)

Some Stages of Processing in Speech Perception
D. B. Pisoni and J. R. Sawusch

What Is It that We Percieve When We Percieve Speech?
S. E. G. Öhman

Chapter 2. Prosody in Speech Perception

How a Full Account of Segmental Perception Depends on Prosody and Vice-Versa
Q. Summerfield

Perception of Segment Duration in Sentence Contexts
D. H. Klatt and W. E. Cooper

Perception of Segmental Duration
R. Carlson and B. Granström

The Role of Intonation in Speech Perception
R. Collier and J. 'T Hart

Anticipation in Speech Production and Its Implications for Perception
S. G. Nooteboom and A. Cohen

The Intonation-Syntax Interaction: Prosodic Features in Perceptual Processing of Sentences
A. Wingfield

Rhythmic Expectancy in Continuous Speech Perception
J. G. Martin

On the Dynamic Use of Prosody in Speech Perception
C. J. Darwin

The Phonetic Structure of Paragraphs
I. Lehiste

Chapter 3. Some Storage Properties of Speech Perception

Temporally Segmented Speech and "Echoic" Storage
A. W. F. Huggins

Preperceptual Auditory Storage in Speech Recognition
D. W. Massaro and M. M. Cohen

Recognition Memory for Voices
E. C. Carterette and A. Barnebey

Chapter 4. Short-Term Context Effects, Dichotic Listening, Speech Perception in the Very Young

Perception of Time-Varying Resonance Frequencies in Speech and Non-Speech Stimuli
H. Fujisaki and S. Sekimoto

Coarticulation of Lip Rounding and Its Perception
A. P. Benguerel and S. Adelman

Dichotic Signs of Speech Mode Listening
C. I. Berlin and J. K. Cullen, Jr.

Speech Perception in Children
J. H. V. Gilbert

Chapter 5. General Discussion and Tentative Conclusions

Speech Understanding Systems and Speech Perception Theory
D. H. Klatt

Some Psycholinguists' Reactions to the Symposium on Dynamic Aspects of Speech Perception
W. J. M. Levelt and G. B. Flores D'Arcais

Tentative Conclusions

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