Statistical Language Learning
Eugene Charniak, 1993

New Approaches to Artificial Intelligence
(At least the language-related side of AI). This book represents a new approach to the study of artificial intelligence which some of the practitianers begin to consider in the 1980s and 1990s. The new methods and techniques have by no means been widely embraced and many in the field continue to maintain that logic is the only way.

In fact, new techniques other than those described here are being applied to artificial intelligence in all its many ramifications, but the statistical methods discussed here have been fairly successful in the field of language processing and understanding. Other varieties of the "new AI", in particular, connectionism, or studies of neural network technologies, have not yet had much impact on language processing (although some are trying) .

Since this book was published, another model for word senses has been studied, using matrix analysis methods to compute the relationships between words. Although those methods appear promising, as yet, little evidence has accumulated as to whether these models will be useful in the long run. It does seem, however, that these matrix models may be related to some ideas expressed in linguistics and brain modelling .

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