The Scientific American Book of the Brain
Scientific American staff (ed), introduction by Antonio R. Damasio, 1999


I. Mapping the Brain

The Developing Brain
Carla J. Shatz

The Visual Image in Mind and Brain
Stmir Zeki

Brain and Language
Antonio R. Damasio and Hanna Damasio

Visualizing the Mind
Marcus E. Raichle

II. Reasoning and Intelligence

The General Intelligence Factor
Linda S. Gottfredson

The Genetics of Cognitive Abilities and Disabilities
Robert Plomin and John C. DeFries

Uncommon Talents: Gifted Children, Prodigies and Savants
Ellen Winner

III. Memory and Learning

Working Memory and the Mind
Patricia S. Goldman-Rakic

Emotion, Memory and the Brain
Joseph E. LeDoux

Creating False Memories
Elizabeth F. Loftus

The Split Brain Revisited
Michael S. Gazzaniga

The Biological Basis of Learning and Individuality
Eric R. Kandel and Robert D. Hawkins

IV. Behavior

Sex Differences in the Brain
Doreen Kimura

Evidence for a Biological Influence in Male Homosexuality
Simon LeVay and Dean H. Hamer

The Biological Evidence Challenged
William Byne

The Neurobiology of Fear
Ned H. Kalin

Seeking the Criminal Element
W. Wayt Gibbs

V. Disease of the Brain and Disorder of the Mind

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Russell A. Barkley

Uta Frith

Understanding Parkinson's Disease
Moussa B. H. Youdim and Peter Riederer

Amyloid Protein and Alzheimer's Disease
Dennis J. Selkoe

The Neurobiology of Depression
Charles B. Nemeroff

Manic-Depressive Illness and Creativity
Kay Redfield Jamison

VI. Consciousness

The Puzzle of Conscious Experience
David J. Chalmers

Can Science Explain Consciousness?
John Horgan

The Problem of Consciousness
Francis Crick and Christof Koch

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