Perception and Production of Fluent Speech
Ronald A. Cole (ed), 1980

Part I: The Patterns of Speech

Chapter 1. Speech as Patterns on Paper
Ronald A. Cole, Alexander I. Rudnicky, Victor W. Zue and D. Raj Reddy

Chapter 2. Speech as Patterns in Time
Brian L. Scott

Chapter 3. Speech as Patterns in the 3-space of Time and Frequency
Campbell L. Searle, J. Zachary Jacobson, and Barry P. Kimberly

Chapter 4. Property-Detecting Mechanisms and Eclectic Processors
Kenneth N. Stevens

Part II: Understanding Spoken Language

Chapter 5. Misperceptions of Fluent Speech
Z. S. Bond and Sara Garnes

Chapter 6. A Model of Speech Perception
Ronald A. Cole and Jola Jakimik

Chapter 7. Decichering Decoding Decisions: Data and Devices
Donald J. Foss, David A. Harwood, and Michelle A. Blank

Chapter 8. Analyzing Spoken and Written Language
Michael I. Posner and Vicki L. Hanson

Part III: Machine-Motivated Models

Chapter 9. Machine Models of Speech Perception
D. Raj Reddy

Chapter 10. Speech Perception: A Model of Acoustic-Phonetic Analysis and Lexical Access
Dennis H. Klatt

Chapter 11. Harpy, Production Systems, and Human Cognition
Allan Newell

Chapter 12. Copycat Science or Does the Mind Really Work by Table Lookup?
Donald A. Norman

Part IV: Production of Fluent Speech

Chapter 13. Syntactic Coding of Fundamental Frequency in Speech Production
John M. Sorensen and William E. Cooper

Chapter 14. Performing Transformations
David Fey

Chapter 15. The Latency and Duration of Rapid Movement Sequences: Comparisons of Speech and Typewriting
Saul Sternberg, Stephen Monsell, Ronald A. Knoll, and Charles E. Wright

Chapter 16. Motor Programs in Rapid Speech: Additional Evidence
Saul Sternberg, Charles E. Wright, Ronald A. Knoll, and Stephen Monsell

Chapter 17. How to Win at Twenty Questions with Nature
Herbert A. Simon

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