The Psychology of Consciousness
Robert Ornstein, 1972

Chapter 1. Introduction: The Study of Consciousness

The Scope of Psychology
William James

Psychology and Scientific Research
Hadley Cantril et al.

Chapter 2. The Conscious Human Mind: Selection, Reception, and Creation

The Stream of Consciousness
William James

The Doors of Perception
Aldous Huxley

Chapter 3. The Workings on the Conscious Mind

They Saw a Game: A Case Study
Albert H. Hastorf and Hadley Cantril

Chapter 4. The Machinery of Consciousness

The Other Side of the Brain: An Appositional Mind
Joseph E. Bogen

Chapter 5. The Temporal Dimension of Consciousness

The Legend of Nasrudin
Indries Shah

Chapter 6. Multiple Consciousness

Lucid Dreaming: Directing the Action as it Happens
Stephen P. LaBerge

Chapter 7. The Organized Systems: Changing Consciousness

Deautomatization and the Mystic Experience
Arthur J. Deikman

The Sufi Tradition
Elizabeth Hall

Mysteries in the West: Strange Rites
Indries Shah

Chapter 8. The Perils of the "Journey": A Report from the Mind Field

The Teaching-Story: Observations on the Folklore of our Modern Thought
Indries Shah

Chapter 9. On the Development of Consciousness: An Important "Way"

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