Phonetic Linguistics, Essays in Honor of Peter Ladefoged
Victoria A. Fromkin (ed), 1985

1. Introduction
Victoria A. Fromkin

2. Daniel Jones's Teaching
David Abercrombie

3. Relative Power of Cues: F0 Shift versus Voice Timing
Arthur S. Abramson and Leigh Lisker

4. Dynamic Modeling of Phonetic Structure
Catherine P. Browman and Louis M. Goldstein

5. The Vocal Tract in Your Pocket Calculator
Gunnar Fant

6. Some Basic Vowel Fetaures, Their Articulatory Correlates, and Their Explanatory Power in Phonology
Eli Fischer-Jørgensen

7. Speculations About the Representation of Words in Memory
Morris Halle

8. Universal Phonetics and the Organization of Grammars
Patricia A. Keating

9. Computation of Mapping from Muscular Contraction Patterns to Formant Patterns in Vowel Space
Yuki Kakita, Osamu Fujimura, and Kiyoshi Honda

10. Rhythm of Poetry, Rhythm of Prose
Ilse Lehiste

11. The Story of /r/
Mona Lindau

12. The Speech Homunculus and a Problem of Phonetic Linguistics
Björn Lindblom and James Lubker

13. Serial Ordering Errors in Speech and Typing
Peter F. MacNeilage

14. Phonetic Cues to Syllabification
Ian Maddieson

15. Around "Flat"
John J. Ohala

16. Evidence for the Role of Acoustic Boundaries in the Perception of Speech Sounds
Kenneth N. Stevens

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