Philosophical Investigations
Ludwig Wittgenstein, translated by G. E. M. Anscombe, 1953

Chapters and Sections
This book has a unique organization in several ways. (The copy I have is a second printing of the second edition by Basil, Blackwell & Mott, Ltd., 1958, of the translation published by MacMillan Company in 1953.)

The book is not only a translation, but contains both the original German (on the left page) and the corresponding English translation (on the facing page). There are no chapter or section titles, and therefore, no table of contents. The two major parts are laballed simply, "Part I" and "Part II". Part I consists of 693 paragraphs, each so numbered, with no further divisions. The 13 major sections of Part II each have no more than a small Roman numeral i through xiii, centered at the top of the first page of each such section.

Part I. The Paragraphs

Part II. The Sections

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