Parallel Distributed Processing Vol 1. Foundations
David E. Rumelhart, James L. McClelland (eds), 1986


Part I. The PDP Perspective

1. The Appeal of Parallel Distributed Processing
J. L. McClelland, D. E. Rumelhart, and G. E. Hinton

2. A General Framework for Parallel Distributed Processing
D. E. Rumelhart, G. E. Hinton, and J. L. McClelland

3. Distributed Representations
G. E. Hinton, J. L. McClelland, and D. E. Rumelhart

4. PDP Models and General Issues in Cognitive Science
D. E. Rumelhart and J. L. McClelland

Part II. Basic Mechanisms

5. Feature Discovery by Competitive Learning
D. E. Rumelhart and D. Zipser

6. Information Processing in Dynamical Systems: Foundations of Harmony Theory
P. Smolensky

7. Learning and Relearning in Boltzmann Machines
G. E. Hinton and T. J. Sejnowski

8. Learning Internal Representations by Error Propagation
D. E. Rumelhart, G. E. Hinton, and R. J. Williams

Part III. Formal Analyses

9. An Introduction to Linear Algebra in Parallel Distributed Processing
M. I. Jordan

10. The Logic of Activation Functions
R. J. Williams

11. An Analysis of the Delta Rule and the Learning of Statistical Associations
G. O. Stone

12. Resource Requirements of Standard and Programmable Nets
J. L. McClelland

13. P3: A Parallel Network Simulating Program
D. Zipser and D. E. Rabin

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