Neuromotor Mechanisms in Human Communication
Doreen Kimura, 1993

Chapter 1. Introduction

Communication in the Great Apes

Communication in Early Hominids

Methods in Studying the Neurology of Language

The Present Investigation


Chapter 2. Asymmetry

Neural Asymmetry in Birds

Asymmetry in Nonhuman Animals

The Nature of Human Brain Asymmetry

Mechanisms of Brain Asymmetry

Somatic Asymmetry in Humans


Chapter 3. Noncortical Systems in Speaking

Lower Motor Systems in Speaking

Thalamus and Basal Ganglia Systems



Chapter 4. Cortical Systems in Speaking

Evidence from Stimulation

Evidence from Ablations and Lesions

Comparison of Anterior and Aphasic Groups

Subdivisions within the Posterior Region


Chapter 5. Oral Movement Control and Speech

Reproduction of Oral Movements

Speeded Articulation Tasks

Correlations between Speech and Nonspeech Tasks

Relations among Oral and Manual Tasks

Comparison of Temporal and Parietal Contributions


Chapter 6. Manual Praxis

Characteristics of Manual Apraxia

Motor Systems in Praxic Control

Methods of Assessment

The Nature of Praxic Control Mechanisms

Types of Apraxia


Chapter 7. Constructional Ability

Spontaneous Drawing

WAIS Constructional Tasks

Relation to Manual Apraxia

Relation to Visuoperceptual Disorders


Chapter 8. Manual Sign Language

Neural Mechanisms in Arm and Hand Control

Manual Sign Language "Aphasia"

Neuroanatomic Mechanisms in Signing


Chapter 9. Adextrality

The Present Sample

Speech Representation

Manual Praxic Function in Adextrals

Subgroups of Adexrals

Oral Praxic Function in Adextrals

Implications for Theories of Left-handedness


Chapter 10. Sex Differences in Brain Organization

Neuroanatomic Sex Differences

Background of Studies in Humans

Lateralization of Constructional and Spatial Ability

Intrahemispheric Organization

Functional Significance of intrahemispheric Organization


Chapter 11. Hemispheric Specialization for Semantic Processing

Neural Mechanisms in Reading

Semantic Categorization in Aphasia


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