Neurons and Symbols, The Stuff that Mind is Made Of
Igor Aleksander, Helen Morton, 1993

What is This Book About?
This is one of a growing list of books which attempt to bridge between two or more fields interested in how the brain works. Aleksander and Morton define a simplified model of artificial neural nets and apply that model to the description of some of the major issues in AI and cognitive science.

Neuron Models
Aleksander and Morton have greatly simplified the math used to describe the
neuron model . This may be acceptable, depending on your purposes, but it makes it harder to judge the limits of where such models may or may not be applicable. Specifically, they completely ignore the issues involved in linear approximations. This is the primary problem which restricts the use of traditional artificial neural net models in many applications. These issues are covered in some detail, for example, in Haykin 's thick volume.

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