Mapping the Mind
Rita Carter, 1998

Chapter One -- The Emerging Landscape
Old views of the brain, Phrenology. Inset boxes with a quick tour of neurons, a general coarse view of brain anatomy. A developing brain at various stages. A first view of some localized functions. Inset box on 6 major neurotransmitters. Inset boxes on brain evolution, brains of fish, reptile, small mammal.

Chapter Two -- The Great Divide
Lateralization. The corpus callosum. The commissures. Handedness. Lateral visual fields.

Chapter Three -- Beneath the Surface
Tourette's Syndrome. Intro to cortico-thalamic loops. Role of putamen, caudate nucleus. Role of limbic system. Hypothalamus. Inset box on Dopamine. Sexual activity and related brain centers. Gender effects

Chapter Four -- A Changeable Climate
Emotions. Role of amygdala. Feelings, Outward expression of emotions. Perception of emotion in others. Brain responses to anger, fear, joy. Creativity.

Chapter Five -- A World of One's Own
Sensory processing, synaesthesia. Object recognition. Inset boxes on optic pathways, the visual cortex. Various agnosias. Face recognition. Phantom limbs. Visual illusions.

Chapter Six -- Crossing the Chasm
Language processing, autism, Asperger's Syndrome. Perception of music, words. Brain areas used for language, reading, writing. Speech development, foreign languages. Inset box on rapid brain growth (50,000 to 100,000 years ago?).

Chapter Seven -- States of Mind
Various types of memory. Storage vs. recall. Recall errors. Sense of time. Alzheimer's Disease. Memory capacity. Chemicals which affect memory.

Chapter Eight -- Higher Ground
Consciousness. Prefrontal areas. Attention disorders. Attention, 40Hz oscillations. Working memory, short-term memory, thought. Non-conscious states. Neglect disorders. Inset boxes on Consciousness by Penrose, Crick.

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