Mapping the Mind, The Secrets of Human Brain and How it Works
Joel Davis, 1997

Introduction: The Human Brain Project
In 1989 the U.S. Congress passed a resolution declaring the 1990s as the Decade of the Brain. It was signed by President George Bush. There was little change in the funding for brain research. Nevertheless, neuroscientists and cognitive scientists the world over are making astonishing new discoveries about the human brain and how it works.
The number of interconnections among the brain's nerve cells is greater than the total number of atomic particles in the cosmos.

Part I: The Territory and the Maps

Chapter 1. The Decade of the Brain

Chapter 2. The Brain from Bottom to Top

Chapter 3. The Mapping Machines

Part II: Mapping the Brain

Chapter 4. The Growing Brain

Chapter 5. Walking the Walk

Chapter 6. The Brain and the Senses

Chapter 7. Visualizing the World

Chapter 8. Memory and Learning

Part III: Mapping the Mind

Chapter 9. The Emotional Brain

Chapter 10. The Mystery of Language

Chapter 11. Breakdowns

Chapter 12. The Territory of the Mind

Appendix A: House Joint Resolution 174

Appendix B: Important Radioactive Isotopes

Appendix C: The Periodic Table of the Elements

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