Mind Matters, How Mind and Brain Interact to Create Our Conscious Lives
Michael S. Gazzaniga, 1988

Foreword by Robert Bazell

One evening, sitting in the Rainbow Room high above Rockefeller Center, a friend suggested that I ought to write a practical book about drugs for the general public and that it would pay a lot of money. I said -- with an ear to the money part -- I'd do it. I go to bed at night seeing bursar's bills in my dreams, burdened with what is the apparently endless task of paying college tuition fees for my gang of daughters. But I said a practical or "how to" book wouldn't be half as interesting as a "what-do-we-know" book about various mental states. This assertion covered my then considerable ignorance about such matters of mind.

The bravado over drinks soon translated into action, and I became leery. Learning about these matters has been invigorating for me. It forced me to read a new literature and to discover that my previous work on the brain had prepared me for much of what can be said about mental states. More importantly, the exercise revealed the many ways mind and brain interact over a wide variety of psychological states. It also showed me how discussing neurobiological information in the absence of a psychological context was as empty as discussing states of mind without bringing into play the new knowledge of brain states. The luxury of remaining ignorant about one or the other area is no longer available to the contemporary student of human nature. This book is my effort to bring general readers into these fascinating topics and to show them the links between mind and brain.

Introduction: Mind Facts, Brain Facts
It is old hat to say that the brain is responsible for our mental activity. Ever since the scientific revolution, the guiding view of most scientists has been that knowledge about the brain, its cells, and its chemistry will explain mental states. However, believing that is the easy part, explaining it is quite another.

Chapter 1. Pain

Chapter 2. Memory and Thinking after Forty

Chapter 3. Intelligence

Chapter 4. Crazy Thoughts

Chapter 5. Anxiety

Chapter 6. Depression

Chapter 7. Obsessions and Compulsions

Chapter 8. Addiction

Chapter 9. Love

Chapter 10. Sleeping and Dreaming

Chapter 11. Stress

Chapter 12. Healing

A Final Word: The Good Life

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