The Mysterious Flame
Colin McGinn, 1999

Chapter 1. Consciousness -- Still Unexplained After All These Years

Consciousness Defined

Conscious Meat



Chapter 2. Natural Mysteries and Biassed Minds

Knowledge and Ignorance

The Structure of Intelligence

How is Science Possible?

Cognitive Closure

Fugitive Concepts


The Simplicity of Consciousness

The Brain Again

The Good News

Chapter 3. God, the Soul, and Parallel Universes



Troubles with Dualism

Dualism Without God


All Mind

Chapter 4. Mind Space

Found in Space

Tiny Minds

The Space Problem

The Origins of Space

The Nature of Space

Naive and Real Space

Space Blindness

Chapter 5. Secrets of the Self

Beyond the Appearances

Logic and Blindsight

The Embodied Mind

You or Not You?



Chapter 6. Could a Robot Get the Blues?

Meatless Minds

Computers and Consciousness

The Turing Test

What is a Machine?

Inorganic Brains

Smart Zombies

Chapter 7. The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy

Philosophy and Science

A Brief History of Thought

The Form of the Solution

New Brains for Old

Philosophical Genes

How Funny Are We?

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