Mind & Brain Sciences in the 21st Century
Robert L. Solso (ed), 1999


Part I. Consciousness and the 21st Century

Chapter 1. Psychology in a World of Sentient, Self-Knowing Beings: A Modest Utopian Fantasy
Bernard J. Baars

Chapter 2. What Thin Partitions ...
Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan

Chapter 3. Will the Mind Become the Brain in the 21st Century?
Richard F. Thompson

Chapter 4. FACT: The First Axiom of Consciousness and Thought
Endel Tulving

Chapter 5. Infusing Cognitive Neuroscience into Cognitive Psychology
Edward E. Smith

Part II. Brain and Mind in the 21st Century

Chapter 6. Imaging the Future
Michael I. Posner and Daniel J. Levitin

Chapter 7. What To Do with Your Own Personal Brain Scanner
Alan Gevins

Chapter 8. The Deep and Surface Structure of Memory and Conscious Learning: Toward a 21st-Century Model
Karl H. Pribram

Chapter 9. What Are Brains For?
Michael S. Gazzaniga

Part III. Psychology (Memory, Theory, and Cognition) in the 21st Century

Chapter 10. The Future of Cognitive Psychology?
Henry L. Roediger III

Chapter 11. The Memory Trainers
Gay Snodgrass

Chapter 12. On Future Psychological Categories
Jerome Kagan

Chapter 13. The Goal of Theory in Experimental Psychology
George Sperling

Chapter 14. How to Prepare for Our Future of Totally Unexpected Opportunities
Neal E. Miller

Chapter 15. The Future of Psychology
Hans J. Eysenck

Part IV. The Science of the Mind

Chapter 16. Mind Sciences and the 21st Century
Robert L. Soslo

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