Memory, Brain, and Belief
Daniel L. Schacter, Elaine Scarry (eds), 2000

Daniel L. Schacter and Elaine Scarry

Chapter 1. Mining the Past to Construct the Future: Memory and Belief as Forms of Knowledge
Chris Westbury and Daniel C. Dennett

Part I. Cognitive, Neurological, and Pathological Perspectives

Chapter 2. Cognitive and Brain Mechanism of False Memories and Beliefs
Marcia K. Johnson and Carol L. Raye

Chapter 3. Memory and the Brain: New Lessons from Old Syndromes
V. S. Ramachandran

Chapter 4. The Role of Memory in the Delusions Associated with Schizophrenia
Chris Frith and Raymond J. Dolan

Part II. Conscious and Nonconscious Aspects of Memory and Belief: From Social Judgements to Brain Mechanisms

Chapter 5. Implicit Stereotypes and Memory: The Bounded Rationality of Social Beliefs
Mahzarin R. Banaji and R. Bhaskar

Chapter 6. Belief and Knowledge as Distinct Forms of Memory
Howard Eichenbaum and J. Alexander Bodkin

Chapter 7. Where in the Brain Is the Awareness of One's Past?
Endel Tulving and Martin Lepage

Part III. Memory and Belief in Autobiographical Recall and Autobiography

Chapter 8. Constructing and Appraising Past Selves
Michael Ross and Anne E. Wilson

Chapter 9. Memory and Belief in Development
Katherine Nelson

Chapter 10. Autobiography, Identity, and the Fictions of Memory
Paul John Eakin

Chapter 11. Autobiography as Moral Battleground
Sissela Bok

Thinking About Belief: Concluding Remarks
Antonio R. Damasio

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