Large-Scale Neuronal Theories of the Brain
Christof Koch, Joel L. Davis (eds), 1994


1. What Is the Computational Goal of the Neocortex?
Horace Barlow

2. A Critique of Pure Vision
Patricia S. Churchland, V. S. Ramachandran, and Terrence I. Sejnowski

This chapter explores the somewhat unorthodox view that the vision system operates by dynamically modelling bits and pieces of the external world as the current task requires, rather than by constructing a fully detailed inner map of the visual world. The traditional view is most centrally represented by Marr's work and forms the basis for much current work in computer visual analysis. The unorthodox view, which Churchland et al. refer to as interactive vision is perhaps gaining ground in certain circles and has been explored by researchers such as Ballard , who shows that the approach can lead to a significant reduction in the required resources, particularly short-term memory. Most of the papers here include copious amounts of neurophysiological and anatomical material as well as the psychological and behavioral observations which make the case.

3. Cortical Systems for Retrieval of Concrete Knowledge: The Convergence Zone Framework
Antonio R. Damasio and Hanna Damasio

4. The Interaction of Neural Systems for Attention and Memory
Robert Desimone, Earl K. Miller and Leonardo Chelazzi

5. Some Further Ideas Regarding the Neuronal Basis of Awareness
Christof Koch and Francis Crick

6. Perception as an Oneiric-like State Modulated by the Senses
Rodolfo R. Linb and Urs Ribary

7. Neuronal Architectures for Pattern-theoretic Problems
David Mumford

8. Observations on Cortical Mechanisms for Object Recognition and Learning
Tomaso A. Poggio and Anya Hurlbert

9. Constructing Neuronal Theories of Mind
Michael I. Posner and Mary K. Rothbart

10. Putative Functions of Temporal Correlations in Neocortical Processing
Wolf Singer

11. What Form Should a Cortical Theory Take?
Charles E Stevens

12. Sequence Seeking and Counterstreams: A Model for Bidirectional Information Flow in the Cortex
Shimon Ullman

13. Dynamic Routing Strategies in Sensory, Motor, and Cognitive Processing
David C. Van Essen, Charles H. Anderson, and Baltzo A. Olshausen

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