The Large, the Small and the Human Mind
Roger Penrose, 1997

Foreword by Malcolm Longair
This book developed from the 1995 Tanner lectures, in which Penrose reviewed his theories of physics and the mind, as originally presented in his two earlier books,
The Emporer's New Mind and "Shadows of the Mind", and then entered into a discussion with several of his critics. Chapters 1 through 3 contains Penrose's summary of his ideas and chapters 4 through 6 contain the criticisms. In chapter 7, Penrose gives his final rebuttal.

Chapter 1. Space-time and Cosmology

Chapter 2. The Mysteries of Quantum Physics

Chapter 3. Physics and the Mind

Chapter 4. On Mentality, Quantum Mechanics and the Actualization of Potentialities
Abner Shimony

Chapter 5. Why Physics?
Nancy Cartwright

Chapter 6. The Objections of an Unashamed Reductionist
Stephen Hawking

Chapter 7. Response by Roger Penrose

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