Invariance and Variability in Speech Processes
Joseph S. Perkell, Dennis H. Klatt (eds), 1986

Chapter 1. Toward a Model of the Development of Speech Perception
Peter W. Jusczyk

Chapter 2. Discovering Sound Units and Constructing Sound Systems: It's Child's Play
Charles A. Ferguson

Chapter 3. Sources of Variability in Early Speech Development
Michael Studdert-Kennedy

Chapter 4. On the Genetic Basis of Linguistic Variation
Philip Lieberman

Chapter 5. Auditory Models as Front Ends in Speech Recognition Systems
Mats Blomberg, Rolf Carlson, Kjell Elenius, and Björn Granström

Chapter 6. Speech Perception as Vector Analysis: An Approach to the Problem of Invariance and Segmentation
Carol A. Fowler and Mary R. Smith

Chapter 7. Variation and Interaction in Speech
Louis C. W. Pols

Chapter 8. Analysis of French Stop Consonants Using a Model of the Peripheral Auditory System
Bertrand Delgutte

Chapter 9. On Acoustic Invariance in Speech
Shiela E. Blumstein

Chapter 10. Invariance and Variability in Speech Production: A distinction Between Linguistic Intent and Its Neuromotor Implementation
James H. Abbs

Chapter 11. Relative Invariance of Articulatory Movements: An Iceberg Model
Osamu Fujimura

Chapter 12. Temporal Invariance in the Production of Speech
Katherine S. Harris, Betty Tuller, and J. A. Scott Kelso

Chapter 13. Invariance and Variability in Speech Timing: From Utterance to Segment in German
Klaus J. Kohler

Chapter 14. Problem of Variability in Speech Recognition and in Models of Speech Perception
Dennis Klatt

Chapter 15. Performing Fine Phonetic Distinctions: Templates versus Features
Ronald Cole, Richard M. Stern, and Moshè J. Lasry

Chapter 16. Normalization and Vowel Perception
John M. Holmes

Chapter 17. Exploiting Lawful Variability in the Speech Wave
Jeffrey Elman and John McClelland

Chapter 18. Phonological Evidence for Top-Down Processing in Speech Perception
John Ohala

Chapter 19. Sources of Inherent Variation in the Speech Process
William Labov

Chapter 20. Toward a Phonetic and Phonological Theory of Redundant Features
Kenneth N. Stevens, Samuel Jay Keyser, and Haruko Kawasaki

Chapter 21. Variability of Feature Specifications
Mona Lindau and Peter Ladefoged

Chapter 22. Features -- Fiction and Facts
Gunnar Fant

Chapter 23. On the Origin and Purpose of Discreteness and Invariance in Sound Patterns
Björn Lindblom

Chapter 24. Invariance and Variability of Words in the Speech Chain
Antonie Cohen

Chapter 25. Invariance in Phonetics
Robert M. Port

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