History of Updates to the Site

May 5
New reviews added:
  Learning and Memory by Anderson
  Eye to Eye by Wilber

Apr 8
New Table-of-Contents added:
  The Atomic Components of Thought by Anderson

Mar 31
New Table-of-Contents added:
  Darwin's Dangerous Idea by Dennett
Recent edits:
  Intro to Connectionist Modelling by McLeod, et al
  The Workings of the Brain ed by Llinas

Mar 12
New Table-of-Contents added:
  SOAR: A Cognitive Architecture ed by Michon, et al
  Unified Theories of Cognition by Newell
Recent edits:
  Cognitive Grammar (vol 1) by Langacker
  Mystery of Consciousnes by Searle

Feb 14
New Table-of-Contents added:
  Content and Consciousness by Dennett
  Consciousness and the Computational Mind by Jackendoff
  Matter and Consciousness by Churchland
  Memory, Brain and Belief ed by Schacter and Scarry
  Neuromotor Mechanisms in Human Communication by Kimura
  Neural Network Models of Cognition ed by Donahoe and Packard Dorsel
  The Robot's Dilemma ed by Pylyshyn
  The Simulation of Human Intelligence ed by Broadbent
  The Astonishing Hypothesis by Crick

4 Jan 01
New Table-of-Contents added:
  Phonology, Theory and Analysis by Hyman
  Learning Machines by Nilsson
  Inside the Brain by Kotulak
  Getting Computers to Talk by Reichman
  Speech Sounds and Features by Fant
  Philosophical Investigations by Wittgenstein
  Principles of Cartesian Philosophy by Spinoza
  Observations on the Feeling ... by Kant
  Understanding Natural Language by Winograd

24 Dec 00
New Table-of-Contents added:
  Artificial Minds by Franklin

18 Dec 00
Edits to:
  The Selfish Gene by Dawkins

10 Dec 00
New Table-of-Contents added:
  Lexical Functional Syntax by Bresnan
plus correction of several typos and misspellings.

30 Nov 00
New Table-of-Contents added:
  Vision by Marr

27 Nov 00
New Table-of-Contents added:
  The Brain by Edelman
  Cognition, Comput, and Consc by Ito, Miyashita and Rolls
  Mind Matters by Gazzaniga
  Neurons and Symbols by Aleksander and Morton
  Parallel Dist Proc, Vol 1 by Rumelhart and McClelland
  Parallel Dist Proc, Vol 2 by Rumelhart and McClelland
  The Subtlety of Sameness by French
  Neural Networks by Haykin

Current reading (see new Opinion material):
  Consciousness Explained

22 Nov 2000, Inauguration:
At last. After many months of struggling with "It's not good enough yet", I have finally decided to go ahead and post what is ready now.

There are now about 200 books in the overall database. I have typed in the table of contents for about 150 of them and many of those also have additional notes for some chapters. Opinion sections have been started for about 60 books, but nearly all of these will be updated with new material in the coming weeks and months. I hope to update the site approximately once a week, at least until a significant chunk of stuff is done.

Hah! That sure didn't happen. Lloyd Rice 10 March 2013

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