The Extended Phenotype
Richard Dawkins, 1999

Chapter 1. Necker Cubes and Buffaloes

Chapter 2. Genetic Determinism and Gene Selectionism

Chapter 3. Constraints on Perfection

Chapter 4. Arms Races and Manipulation

Chapter 5. The Active Germ-Line Replicator

Chapter 6. Organisms, Groups and Memes: Replicators or Vehicles?

Chapter 7. Selfish Wasp or Selfish Strategy?

Chapter 8. Outlaws and Modifiers

Chapter 9. Selfish DNA, Jumping Genes, and a Lamarckian Scare

Chapter 10. An Agony in Five Fits

Chapter 11. The Genetical Evolution of Animal Artifacts

Chapter 12. Host Phenotypes of Parasite Genes

Chapter 13. Action at a Distance

Chapter 14. Rediscovering the Organism

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