The Evolution of Consciousness
Robert Ornstein, 1991

Part I. The Work of the Mind

Chapter 1. Aristotle is a Hamburger

Part II. The Long View: The Physical Evolution of the Mind

Chapter 2. The Designer and the Mind

Chapter 3. How Evolution Works: The Discovery of the Process and the Beginning of the Modern Era

Chapter 4. Body Building and Mind Buiding: A Very Brief Interlude in the Long Human History

Chapter 5. The Mind Caesura

Chapter 6. Cranial Fire

Chapter 7. Why Darwin is the Central Scientist of the Modern Age

Chapter 8. Feeling Fit

Part III. The Inner Workings of the Mind

Chapter 9. That SOB Within Us (Same Old Brain)

Chapter 10. The Mind of the Individual and the Individual Mind

Chapter 11. How the World Develops the Mind

Part IV. Pieces of the Puzzle: Brain Processes and Organization

Chapter 12. The Divided Brain and its Divided Minds

Chapter 13. How the Brain Knows What You're Doing Before You Do

Chapter 14. The Self Itself

Part V. The Dream of the World

Chapter 15. The Mind is a World Processing System

Chapter 16. The Eye's Mind: How We Discern the World

Chapter 17. Making Up Your Mind: The Process of Unconscious Interpretation

Chapter 18. Why Memories Are an Illusion

Chapter 19. The Dream of the Dream

Part VI. Is This the Person to Whom I'm Speaking?

Chapter 20. Mind in Place and Mind Out of Place

Chapter 21. Interpreting Our Selves

Part VII. Getting to Know "Yous"

Chapter 22. On Rationality and Adaptation

Chapter 23. Observing the Conscious Self

Chapter 24. Knowing the Individual Simpletons

Part VIII. Why There will be No Further Evolution without Conscious Evolution

Chapter 25. Ready for the Tiger

Chapter 26. Conscious Evolution

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