Explaining Consciousness, The Hard Problem
Jonathan Shear (ed), 1995

The Hard Problem

Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness
David J. Chalmers

Deflationary Perspectives

Facing Backwards on the Problem of Consciousness
Daniel C. Dennett

The Hornswoggle Problem
Patricia Smith Churchland

Function and Phenomenology: Closing the Explanatory Gap
Thomas W. Clark

The Why of Consciousness: A Non-Issue for Materialists
Valerie Gray Hardcastle

There is No Hard Problem of Consciousness
Kieron O'Hara and Tom Scott

Should We Expect to Feel as if We Understood Consciousness?
Mark C. Price

The Explanatory Gap

Consciousness and Space
Colin McGinn

Giving Up on the Hard Problem of Consciousness
Eugene O. Mills

There Are No Easy Problems of Consciousness
E. J. Lowe

The Easy Problems Aint So Easy
David Hodgson

Facing Ourselves: Incorrigibility and the Mind-Body Problem
Richard Warner

The Hardness of the Hard Problem
William S. Robinson


The Nonlocality of Mind
C. J. S. Clarke

Conscious Events as Orchestrated SPace-Time Selections
Stuart R. Hameroff and Roger Penrose

The Hard Problem: A Quantum Approach
Henry P. Stapp

Physics, Machines and the Hard Problem
Douglas J. Bilodeau

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Why Neuroscience May Be Able to Explain Consciousness
Francis Crick and Christof Koch

Understanding Subjectivity: Global Workspace Theory
Bernard J. Baars

The Elements of Consciousness and Their Neurodynamical Correlates
Bruce MacLennan

Rethinking Nature

Consciousness, Information and Panpsychism
William Seager

Rethinking Nature: A Hard Problem within the Hard Problem
Gregg H. Rosenberg

Solutions to the Hard Problem of Consciousness
Benjamin Libet

Turning the 'Hard Problem' Upside Down and Sideways
Piet Hut and Roger N. Shepard

First-Person Perspectives

The Relation of Consciousness to the Material World
Max Velmans

Neurophenomenology: A Methodological Remedy for the Hard Problem
Francisco J. Varela

The Hard Problem: Closing the Empirical Gap
Jonathan Shear


Moving Forward on the Problem of Consciousness
David J. Chalmers

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