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Brain Function Theories

Brain Function Theories

A Model of Brain Function
A hypothetical brain function model based on a variety of ideas about neural organization and function
Brain Model Applications (Semantic Networks)
Applying the IN brain model to a Semantic Network
Brain Model Applications (Memory Formation)
Applying the IN brain model to Memory Formation

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The Evolution of Langauge
A speculative account of how language might have evolved based on recent work by Peter MacNeilage, Calvin and Bickerton, and others.
The Syllable in Speech Production
A speculative account of the role of the syllable in the organization of speech production activities. This essay is based on recent work by Peter MacNeilage and the brain function theories of Gerald Edelman.

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My View of Philosophy
A short note on what I think of philosophy (and philosophers). And it's not all negative!
What is Consciousness?
What is the nature of consciousness? How does it Work? What are the brain mechanisms which produce it?
Are Animals Conscious?
A summary of ideas about whether animals experience consciousness, similar to the way humans do, or in any other way

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