Cognitive Neuroscience
Michael S. Gazzaniga (ed), 2000

Connections in the Cerebellum
Thach, et al. ). It seems a safe assumption that the input/output matrix is not fully connected, but that it could be, in principle. For example, a high-level command to perform a finger gesture may not activate a motor unit going to a foot muscle, but if that foot muscle had been used during the times when the finger gesture was being learned, then a synapse to the foot motor unit could well have formed at the corresponding matrix point.

What is a gesture? How many separate gestures are there? In reaching for a cup, do you use 2 gestures, 5, 20, or 100? Thach, et al., do not give detailed information on the neuron populations, but they do present a picture of row upon row of parallel body maps, each of which would correspond to a particular gesture, each composed of (potential) connections to all motor units.

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