Conversations with Neil's Brain
William H. Calvin, George A. Ojemann, 1994

Chapter 1. A Window to the Brain

Chapter 2. Losing Consciousness

Chapter 3. Seeing the Brain Speak

Chapter 4. If Language is Left, What's Right?

Chapter 5. The Problems with Paying Attention

Chapter 6. The Personality of the Lowly Neuron

Chapter 7. The What and Where of Memory

Chapter 8. How Are Memories Made?

Chapter 9. What's Up Front

Chapter 10. When Things Go Wrong with Thought and Mood

Chapter 11. Tuning Up the Brain by Pruning

Chapter 12. Acquiring and Reacquiring Language

Chapter 13. Taking Apart the Visual Image

Chapter 14. How the Brain Subdivides Language

Chapter 15. Why Can We Read So Well?

Chapter 16. Stringing Things Together in Novel Ways

Chapter 17. Deep in the Temporal Lobe, Just Across from the Brain Stem

Chapter 18. In Search of the Narrator

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