Cognition, Computation and Consciousness
Masao Ito (eds), 1997

Part I. Philosophical Approaches

1. Consciousness: A Philosophical Tour
Owen Flanagan and Güven Güzeldere

2. Consciousness in Human and Robot Minds
Daniel C. Dennett

3. Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem
Junichi Murata

4. Understanding Consciousness: The Case of Sleep and Dreams
Owen Flanagan

Part II. Approaches from Cognitive Neuroscience

5. Why Can't I Control my Brain? Aspects of Conscious Experience
Michael S. Gazzaniga

6. Brain Mechanisms of Vision, Memory, and Consciousness
Edmund T. Rolls

7. Single Neurons, Communal Goals, and Consciousness
Horace Barlow

8. Automaticity: From Reflective to Reflexive Information Processing in the Human Brain
Marcus E. Raichle

9. Neuronal Origin of Visual Imagery
Yasushi Miyashita

10. Awareness of Memory Deficit
Hirotaka Tanabe

11. Body Awareness and its Disorders
Atsushi Yamadori

12. Language, Spatial Cognition, and the Brain
Ursula Bellugi and Edward S. Klima

Part III. Computational Approaches

13. The Coherence Definition of Consciousness
Christof von der Malsberg

14. Neurodynamics and Brain Mechanisms
Jack D. Cowan

15. Bidirectional Theory Approach to Consciousness
Mitsuo Kawato

16. The Computational Role of Conscious Processing in a Model of Semantic Memory
R. Lauro-Grotto, S. Reich, and M. A. Virasoro

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