Content and Consciousness
Daniel C. Dennett, 1986

Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition

Part One. The Language of Mind

Chapter 1. The Ontological Problem of Mind

1. The Mind and Science

2. Existence and Identity

Chapter 2. Intentionality

3. The Problem of Intentionality

4. Two Blind Alleys

5. The Way Out

Chapter 3. Evolution in the Brain

6. The Intelligent Use of Information

7. The Evolution of Appropriate Structures

8. Goal-Directed Behavior

Chapter 4. The Ascription of Content

9. Function and Content

10. Language and Content

11. Personal and Sub-Personal Levels of Explanation: Pain

Part Two. Consciousness

Chapter 5. Introspective Certainty

12. The Certainty of Certain Utterances

13. A Perceiving Machine

Chapter 6. Awareness and Consciousness

14. The Ordinary Words

15. Awareness and Control

16. Consciousness

Chapter 7. Mental Imagery

17. The Nature of Images and the Introspection Trap

18. Colours

Chapter 8. Thinking and Reasoning

19. People and Processes

20. Reasons and Causes

Chapter 9. Actions and Intentions

21. Intentional Actions

22. Willing

23. The Importance of Intentional Actions

Chapter 10. Language and Understanding

24. Knowing and Understanding

25. Language and Information

26. Conclusions

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