The Brain
Gerald M. Edelman, Jean-Pierre Changeux (eds), 2001

This book grew out of a 1998 issue of Dædalus The Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, dedicated to an account of progress in brain research. The essays presented here represent a broad sample of current work in neuroscience. They provide a variety of assessments of the significance of neuroscience for several matters of human concern. The contents should allow the reader to make his own judgements on whether the neuroscientific revolution has actually begun and, at the very least, provide a vision of a fascinating scientific journey.

1. Brain Science at the Century's Ebb
Vernon B. Mountcastle

2. Building a Picture of the Brain
Gerald M. Edelman

3. Art and the Brain
Semir Zeki

4. The Functional Architecture of the Brain
Rickard S. J. Frackowiak

5. From Molecules to Mental States
Mark F. Bear and Leon N. Cooper

6. Drug Use and Abuse
Jean-Pierre Changeux

7. The Quest for the Essence of Sleep
Alexander A. Brobëly and Giulio Tononi

8. The Evolution and Modification of Brains and Sensory Systems
George L. Gabor Miklos

9. The Acquisition of Motor Behavior
Emilio Bizzi and Ferdinando A. Mussa-Ivaldi

10. Unity and Diversity in the Human Brain: Evidence from Injury
Marcel Kinsbourne

11. Where Brain, Body, and World Collide
Andy Clark

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