Beyond Humanity: CyberEvolution and Future Minds
Gregory S. Paul, Earl D. Cox, 1996

First we suffer. Then we die.

Chapter 1. Down the Yellow Brick Road

Chapter 2. Our Magical Science Fiction World

Chapter 3. Life, the Universe, and Evolution

Chapter 4. The Wonderful Worlds of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Nanotechnology, and Ultra-Alchemy

Chapter 5. Thinking about Thinking about Thinking

Chapter 6. Thinking Machines: How They Can Be Made, and When

Chapter 7. Riding the Whirlwind

Chapter 8. The Problems with People

Chapter 9. Entering Oz: The CyberExplosion

Chapter 10. The Remains of Humanity

Chapter 11. The Emerald City

Chapter 12. Reinventing the Universe, and the Reverse Engineering of God

Chapter 13. The Nightmare of the Gods

Chapter 14. What Is To Be Done

Chapter 15. On Dream Worlds, Past, Present, and Future

Appendix. Why We Are (Probably) Alone

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