Bright Air, Brilliant Fire
Gerald M. Edelman, 1992

1. Mind

2. Putting the Mind Back into Nature

3. The Matter of the Mind

4. Putting Psychology on a Biological Basis

5. Morphology and Mind: Completing Darwin's Program

6. Topobiology: Lessons from the Embryo

7. The Problems Reconsidered

8. The Sciences of Recognition

9. Neural Darwinism

10. Memory and Concepts: Building a Bridge to Consciousness

11. Consciousness: The Remembered Present

12. Language and Higher-Order Consciousness

13. Attention and the Unconscious

14. Layers and Loops: A summary

15. A Graveyard of Isms: Philosophy and its Claims

16. Memory and the Individual Soul: Against Silly Reductionism

17. Higher Products: Thoughts, Judgements, Emotions

18. Diseases of the Mind: The Reintegrated Self

19. Is It Possible to Construct a Conscious Artifact?

20. Symmetry and Memory: On the Ultimate Origins of Mind


Mind Without Biology: A Critical Postscript

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