Artificial Minds
Stan Franklin, 1995


Chapter 1. Mechanisms of Mind
What is the mind and what methods have been used in the past to study it? These are the questions addressed by this chapter in the form of an itinerary for the journey we are about to undertake. The answers to both questions are structured by division into analytic vs. synthetic and top-down vs. bottom-up. With that, we set out on a journey which will touch many of the influential thinkers of our time and past time who have contributed to understanding the mind.

Chapter 2. The Nature of Mind and the Mind-Body Problem
What is the mind? One thing Franklin notes from the OED definition is that it is a property solely of human beings. His own views will be seen to be rather wider than that. A Venn diagram of mind-related concepts shows agents to hold the outermost circle,
encompassing all else . Next, we find a short catalog of philosophies of the mind/body problem. David Chalmers justly gets a significant hearing. We then get an even longer treatment of Sloman's views on free will.

Chapter 3. Animal Minds

Chapter 4. Symbolic AI

Chapter 5. The First AI Debate

Chapter 6. Connectionism

Chapter 7. The Second AI Debate

Chapter 8. Evolution, Natural and Artificial

Chapter 9. Artificial Life

Chapter 10. Multiplicity of Mind

Chapter 11. What Do I Do Now?

Chapter 12. What's Out There?

Chapter 13. Remembering and Creating

Chapter 14. Representation and the Third AI Debate

Chapter 15. Into the Future

Chapter 16. An Emerging New Paradigm of Mind?

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