Artificial Minds
Stan Franklin, 1995

Franklin Has a Good Writing Style
This book is written with an easy way of writing. I find it moves along quickly without leaving you panting for breath. And yet, a lot gets said.

Do Agents have Minds?
next inner ring is 'Mind (including subconscious)', seeming to make it clear that agents are things which go to making up a mind. But the discussion talks about agents with minds, agents with conscious minds, etc. Just what, then, is an agent? Of course, Franklin has just defined an agent as "anything that acts", but that obviously includes a lot of things which are not part of a brain, which are not being discussed, are they? I find the whole paragraph describing agents to be a bit confusing.

What, no Dennett?
I was disappointed to see no mention of Daniel Dennett. Surely in any list of philosophers who would agree with Franklin's approach, Dennett would be high on the list. There are three Dennett references in the back, so hopefully, we will come to that discussion.

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