Atlas of the Human Brain
Juergen K. Mai, 1997

1 Introduction

1.1 Cerebral (Functional) Localization

1.2 The Problem of Interindividual Variability

1.3 The Human Brain Reference Atlas

1.4 Future Directions

1.5 References

2 Material and Methods

2.1 Topographic and Topometric Atlas

2.2 Myeloarchitectonic Atlas (Histological Atlas)

2.3 References

3 Topographic and Topometric tlas

3.1 Horizontal Sections

3.2 Coronal Sections

3.3 Sagittal Sections

4 Myeloarchitectonic Atlas

4.1 Surface Views of the Brain Prior to Sectioning

4.2 Low-Detail Diagrams

4.3 High-Detail Diagrams

4.4 Past Histological, Morphometric, and Histochemical Studies

4.5 Schemata of Subcortical Brain Structures as Delineated by Previous Researchers

4.6 Template Diagrams (Schematized "Model Brain")

5 Hierarchical Tree
A detailed tree listing of what brain parts are part of what other brain parts.

6 Glossary of Terms (Latin-English-Abbr.)

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