Android Epistemology
Kenneth M. Ford (eds), 1995


1. The Prehistory of Android Epistomology
Clark Glymore, Kenneth Ford & Patrick Hayes

2. Machine as Mind
Herbert A. Simon

3. The Vitalist's Last Stand
Anatol Rapoport

4. Could a Robot Be Creative -- And Would We Know?
Margaret A. Boden

5. From Cognitive Systems to Persons
Antoni Gomila

6. Could, How Could We Tell if, and Why Should -- Androids Have Inner Lives
Selmer Bringsjord

7. Android Epistolomogy: An Essay on Interpretation and Intensionality
Kalyan Shankar Basu

8. Taking Embodiment Seriously: Nonconceptual Content and Robotics
Ronald L. Chrisley

9. Imagination and Situated Cognition
Lynn Andrea Stein

10. Towards Constructivist Unification of Machine Learning and Parallel Distributed Processing
Chris Story and Markus F. Peschl

11. Towards a Sentential 'Reality' for the Android
Cary G. deBessonet

12. Towards the Ethical Robot
James Gips

13. The Ethics of Autonomous Learning Systems
A. F. Umar Khan

14. How to Settle an Argument
Henry E. Kyberg, Jr.

15. Machine Stereopsis: A Feedforward Network for Fast Stereo Vision with Movable Fusion Plane
Paul M. Churchland

16. Alienable Rights
Marvin Minsky

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